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I blocked him on FB right away and he still texted me on Hangouts asking me why I blocked him. Claiming he lost his wife and has a Daughter, Maya. Sent nice pictures of himself and even video but ignored my request to send a selfie. General Maxwell Patel He has asked me for money but I don't have anyand he's still involved with me. We continued to chat on HANGOUTS (WATCH OUT WHEN THEY ASK FOR THIS SITE) until he had the same problem as all the rest and needed to get a portfolio out of Belgium etc. Then requested it be sent to me and I would have to pay the charges of EU3,890 to be shipped. I knew it was a scam and kept asking questions and he would sometimes get upset. I was hesitant at first because I felt so incredibly foolish that I let myself be taken in and lost all of my hard hard-earned money. Copies and pastes romantic roses and chocolates and photos of himself with motorcycle. doesnt like being questioned ...maybe because he cant remember what he writes .... Credit card declined - oh I wonder why Highly suspect this man is a con man. Copies and pasted romantic things to the sickening level. Con Man Brown can be found on Facebook, Instagram and by googling his name under scammer. However, after a week in India, he stated that Chase Bank froze his account because someone hacked his account.Delete from any Facebook invite this person is a scammer hiding behind someone else’s identity. He allegedly works as an orthopedic doctor for the UN. Dr James Brown email is drjamesbrownun200@so if he contacts you avoid him at all costs as he is a scammer of the highest order and he will try and get you to send money through western union moneygram or ria and his agent is Thomas blessing ebiye who is in Nigeria so please ladies beware and don't be foolish like I was. Am warning you ladies of these scammers who are using Dr pictures to scarm you and say they work for Nato in Syria. He has a son age 7 named Jack who lives with his teacher. He was an orphan..adopted in Italy..taken to Uk then US to obtain Masters. He doesn't have military email because he never created a password. if you ask the samevthing twice he become very abrupt ... Divorced engineer ...takes his name from a park in new south wales prolaims to know uk and has to work in malaysia ..tell you what he had for dinner other than chicken and rice ..wants money to pay malaysian tax 40% wants 000. I am playing the game just waiting for the funds issue to come up. This man says the most charming things to scam women in the name of love. He advised how he was so depressed over his wife cheating on him numerous of times. Con Cobby stated he didn’t have money to return home and he wanted me to take out a 00 loan to help him.LSU football game to be purchased separately at each.* from each registration will go into the ABA Endowment.*Each non-member registration includes purchase of a UFAA annual membership.Weekend Schedule: (tentative) PM Homecoming Parade Emerson Alumni Hall PM Registration Open Reitz Union - Multicultural and Diversity Affairs suite PM ABA Business Meeting Reitz Union - Multicultural and Diversity Affairs suite PM Networking event with students Reitz Union - Multicultural and Diversity Affairs suite PM Gator Growl AM Champagne Brunch Reitz Union - Rion Ballroom PM ABA Tailgate Reitz Union - North Lawn Tailgate food is available from pm - pm.He claimed he was from Florida, a widower with a 15 year old daughter, working on a contract with United Nations as an Orthopedic doctor in Syria.

To date, alumni and friends have donated more than 0,000 to the Black Alumni Network Scholarship fund, and the scholarship will be awarded annually to a high-achieving African-American student with demonstrated financial need.

I was so gullible for the love but as soon as he asked me for money I cut him off completely.

The best advice I can give you is if anyone asks for money or your bank details to transfer money into - cut them off totally and report them to the site you originally met on.

Join the Association of Black Alumni for UNITE: 2017 UF Black Alumni Weekend in Gainesville on Homecoming Weekend, October 6-8, 2017.

Early bird registration is available from 8/15/17 - 9/1/17: UFAA members is and UFAA non-member is 0.

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